Shenzhen Jewelry Industry


Shenzhen jewelry industry started in the 1980s. Thanks to Hong Kong gold jewelry industry’s influence, after 1990, Shenzhen gold jewelry industry’s leads in mainland China, and become the national biggest gold jewelry manufacture production base and the trade collection and distribution center. Statistics have indicated that Shenzhen now has more than 1,000 gold jewelry enterprises, the number of jobholders reaches approximately 110,000,  the year manufacture production processing resultant is more than 43 billion Yuan; approximately take up 70% of the whole nation’s.

Shenzhen has already become the national biggest jewelry production base. As the core of the industry, it held the extremely important status in the Chinese jewelry industry. Shenzhen jewelry industry has been listed as one of the six big characteristics industries of Shenzhen. To 2005, the sales amount reached 50 billion Yuan, with export amount 1billion US dollars.

2.ShuiBei International Jewelry Trade Center




One of the first things that really amazed me about shopping in China was the concentration of the one product category in a single area. For example if you wanted to buy electronics you would go to the electronics market where you’ll find streets of stores, stalls and malls selling just electronics, Huaqiangbeibeing the example there. It’s no different with jewelry, and Shenzhen has it’s own jewelry market district packed with stalls, stores and malls.

Located within Wanshan Shuibei Jewelry Park, which covers approximately 570k square meters, is over 500 different companies wholesaling and retailing all types of jewelry including rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelet and anything you could imagine. Here you can find products made from gold, silver, cubic zirconia, jade and much more at varying quality and prices.









Built in April, 2004, ShuiBei International Jewelry Trade Center has long been a producing, processing & accumulating center for the jewelry industry in Shenzhen. Over 500 well -known jewelry corporations are gathering there, making it the top of the trade list for the jewelers at home and abroad. The government of Shenzhen & Luohu District have invested the amount of 190millions to push the area the biggest jewelry

industry center in China.

Shuibei International Jewelry Trade Cente  gets the development, designation, trade, sale of jewelry, together with the tourism sightseeing and the spread of the jewelry culture.Covering an operation area of over 1000 square meters, this center attracts over 100 corporations, among which, 27 are from abroad, 41 are at home, and the rest are the locals.  The whole trade center is divided into over 10 operation parts, such as gold, platinum, inlay, silver, jade, pearl, precious stones, accessories, which fully meet the desire of their clients, that is, to buy everything in a place. So far, the transaction amount has reached 2.6 billion RMB, with 480 million for exporting. All these increase the regional taxes a lot and highly promote the economic development of Shenzhen. Taking the advanced international managing experience as their prototype, equipped with the perfect facilities in finance, telecommunication, security, passengers transport, goods transport, business and center exchequer, the trade center provides strong guarantee for the development of its clients.

The State Jewelry Quality Inspection and Supervision Center also comes into the trade center. It issues the authorized certificate for every product, which pushes the trade center to operate in a more standard way. Moreover, its cooperation with the media, such as “China Gold”, “Previous Stone Weekly”, “China Precious Stone”, “Jewelry Business”,  “Asian Jewelry”, “Taiwan Jewelry”, “Shenzhen Business”,  “Hong Kong Business”, “Shenzhen TV”, has brought an effective advertisement to jewelry culture.The trade center held jewelry fair successively in April & December of 2004, attracting the buyers and retailers from all corners of the world. The sales volume broke 300 million and 330 million separately, which created a sales miracle in the jewelry industry.All the above listed show us the great charm of Shuibei International Jewelry Trade Center and the jewelry culture.


How to get there: take the Metro line 3 to Tianbei Station and go out exit C, walk straight ahead and on your left you’ll see some jewelery shops and the first large mall will be Shuibei International Jewelry Trade Centre.


Address: bordered by Tianbei 4th road Wenjing North Road, Buxin Road and Cuizhu Road.

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3.Shatoujiao Gold Jewelry Zone










The city of Shenzhen borders Hong Kong, which is one of the 3 International gold jewelry accessory centers. Since the mid 1990’s, Hong Kong jewelers have gradually headed north to Shenzhen which now accounts for 80% of all of China’s jewelry production. With its manufacturing scale and processing ability being the best in China, it has quickly become China’s center for manufacturing, processing, irradiating, and shipping jewelry.

Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone is the first one operated with International practice in China. It makes the jewelry industry a key supported and protected industry. There are over 30 major gold jewelry accessory manufacturers making it the most centralized district for the jewelry industry in Shenzhen with 60% of the production in the city.Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone is a distinguished area in accessory production and well known by jewelry wholesalers.

In May 2001, Shenzhen ART jewelry Co. Ltd investment of 100 million RMB saw the completion of the Shenzhen Jewelry Building. This building was set up in Shatouiao Free Trade Zone, the earliest, smallest and most profitable area. With  the south pearl Yantian Port to the east, the picturesque Wutong Mountain to the north and facing the Dapeng gulf to the south, the building is part of Shenzhen’s brightest eastern golden seashore. This seashore also includes MingSike Aircraft World, the Maisha seashore, Yantian Port and Shenzhen Sea World.

The 42,000 sq/m Gold Jewelry Building has 13 floors staging with processing, trading and service areas.  It is a professional, multi-functional gold jewelry building. It is destined to become the center in the industry with its geographical advantage in the Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone, which attracts large sums of famous Hong Kong jewelry brands such as Xie Ruilin, Hengfeng, QIngfengjin and Daimengde. Together with the capital and information rushing into this area, it makes Shatoujiao a centralized area of the gold industry.


Huaqiang Bei:Shanghai Hotel stop to take Bus # 103-202 to Shatoujiao Free Zone Stop

Train Station: take Bus # 443-205 to Shataojiao Free Zone Stop

East Gate:take Bus #103 to Shataojiao Free Zone Stop


4.Shenzhen International Jewellery Fair









The Shenzhen International Jewellery Fair will be held in Shenzhen Convention &Exhibition Center, which is located in the Futian Central District and on the Binhe Road alongside. The venue covered an area of 45,000 square meters and equipped with state-of-art facilities and excellent services. It is just 20 minutes away from the Shenzhen International Airport by car, which make easy for domestic and overseas exhibitors and visitors.


Adress:Fuhua Third Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China,