Shenzhen International Watches and Clocks Market

Shenzhen International Watches and Clocks Market boasts of 6 floors, with over 30000 square meters and 2000 shops. Shenzhen Lushan Real estate market invests a lot of capital in building this market to ensure comfortable shopping environment. And this market’s equipment is excellent. It boasts of not only 23 lifts and elevators, but also 20m high atrium. Also it equips with electricity, central airconditioning, burglar alarm system, fire extinguishing system, etc, which can ensure customers’ personal safety. And there are over 800 parking spaces on the underfloor, which is convenient to customers.




Shenzhen International Watches and Clocks Market assembles many famous watches and clocks factory direct-sale suppliers from Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hongkong. They sell different kinds of watches and clocks, such as desk clocks, wall clocks, floor clocks, electronic calendars, alarm clocks, etc. And these watches and clocks are from different countries, such as from inland China, HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Korea, etc. And you also can buy different series watches and clocks or those made of different materials. You can buy sports watches, tungsten steel watches, stainless metal watches or ceramic watches. You may be worried about if the watch is broken how can we fix it. This market also sells watches and clocks accessories, like watchband, watchcase, watch hand, watch crown, watch surface, clock movement, etc. Besides, the fixment tools are also available.

Address: 1 Fuming Road, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 51803




The 26th China Watch & Clock Fair



CWCF 2015 – The 26th China Watch & Clock Fair:as the largest watch & clock trade show in China, which provides a unique opportunity for buyers to meet the biggest Chinese horologe manufacturers and small suppliers with the products which were absent from the BASELWORLD and Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, will be staged on Jun.26-29, 2015 at Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association (SZWA).


Founded in Shenzhen since 1988, China Watch & Clock Fair offers nearly all businessmen in the industry to find informative for them to look for various products and manufacturers. CWCF is also an extensive platform for people interested in the horologe industry in China and an important progress for the timepiece market.

Exhibits Scope:
·Mechanical watch
·Quartz Analogue watch
·Digital Analogue watch
·LCD Watch
·Mechanical Clock
·Quartz Clock
·Electronic Clock

  • Watch Band
    ·Watch/Clock Hand
    ·Watch/Clock Dial
    ·Watch/Clock Case
    ·Tools & Machinery
    ·Publication & Media


DATE:  2015.08.25-2015.08.28