I could rant about this for days. But in the end, I believe this post is for highest quality computers, not best priced. Apple Computer does make the highest quality computers out there, the are made with aluminum uni-body engineering (one piece of aluminum).They offer SSDs, which are about 4x faster than a traditional hard  drive, and they have no moving parts, so they are incredibly reliable. That also comes native on MacBook Airs. That is hard to come by. Also, every component is clearly thought out, and cleverly designed, like the asymmetrical fans. When the blades are positioned symmetrically, it created a single, identifiable frequency. But when the blades are positioned asymmetrically, it spreads the sound over a variety of frequencies, which makes it quieter, and nearly imperceptible to the user. Then there’s Thunderbolt connectivity. Developed by Intel, Thunderbolt delivers transfer speeds up to 2x faster than USB 3.0, and up to 20x faster than USB 2.0. Thunderbolt has a whopping 10 Gbps transfer speed. These are just three of the many examples, as to why the Mac is a premium quality computer. Yes, they may cost a lot, but it is actually pretty reasonable compared to the manufacturing difficulties, and quality components that make the Mac.And that’s why I think the Mac is the best computer on the market, and that’s just the hardware!



Best brand out there. Solid computer and not over prices like Macs.Most trusted and innovative brand in computing. It has be founded long before Dell and other PC manufactures. It is still one of the biggest PC manufacturer in the world. I am still using 5 10-year old products of HP and they’re still running well. HP also has outstanding Customer Support. GO WITH HP FOR THE BEST VALUE AND INNOVATION!I’ve had HP computers all my life and have worked with them at computer stores for over 4 years and its the best selling and most innovative hands down.



My Studio XPS 8100 is a solid performance and entertainment computer. Dell has amazing prices and a variety of different configurations for their computers. They have the best warranty and dominates the other competition. If your computer ever does break(almost never), then you can use the backup restoration and other stuff to fix it.dell (alien-ware) has a great perfomance than any other computer.Del computers are incredibly easy to fix if they have some kind of problem. They come with backup image restoration and all kinds of crap incase your computer crashes or whatever.


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Asus. It’s really good. Shouldn’t be no.6 its better then toshiba and acer.. Have you heard of their E Family? Including Asus EPad Transformer Prime [Tablet], and the E PC’s Well they make the best. Don’t believe me? Search Asus E PC UX21. Its like the worlds thinnest ultra laptop with a i7 core processor. It makes better stuff too, like the E PC X101, netbook as thin as macbook air, Running MeeGO, and you can put Windows7. They work great, last long, and have great quality, slim&Sleek, thin designs. Love it.Asus SHOULD be number 1 because when I used to have an asus, it NEVER used to say “not responding” with windows vista home premium or windows 7 enterprise. But, I accidentally updated the bios, so it stopped starting.They make motherboards for almost all laptops listed above. So their own computer are good and you barely get problems.



Aside from Apple, Lenovo makes some of the best, highest quality hardware in the industry. Tough, durable, thin, light – you name it – all in the same package. Thinkpad keyboards have defined the industry standard, and still do. I, personally, wouldn’t consider any other manufacturer when choosing a Windows laptop.
I have several lenovo computers in my business. Preform fairly well. However, we had one laptop that just kept shutting down on us from day one. At first customer suppost was good – they immediately sent out a box to ship it back to fix it. Returned it in about 2 weeks – STILL NOT WORKING. How hard is it to test it to see if it shuts down when it occurs regularly within 10 minutes? Anyways, has been sent back a second time – took almost a month this time and STILL NOT WORKING. I have been on the phone with them several times – on hold times sometimes as much as over an hour. Extremely poor customer service! Couldn’t even find the service ticket at times. I had to put in a formal complaint – was then guarenteed by a supervisor that if it didn’t work this past time that they would replace it and gave me his direct number. Well, I’ve been calling that number and leaving messages every day for the past week. I still have a nonfunctional computer and no response from lenovo… Would NEVER buy another lenovo again.








Have owned and Acer laptop and used it to 110 percent for 5 years before it finally broke down on me. Hardware failure, mostly due to travel though and not to manufacturing or design flaw. GREAT, RELIABL machine !Seriously HP has more votes than Acer? Save your money and great a better product that’s worth the money.I have a touch screen acer that rocks!I own a touch screen desktop acer computer works brilliant had for 2 years good for games work and just a very good computer









I had try and tested sony laptops for a long time now and they don’t let me Down!Yup Great! VAIO is the way to go if you are looking for a laptop. I will never buy any other brand.Seriously who said that hp is better than sony do you even know where hp is made in now unlike any other models sony is still manifactured in the same country and is better in making good electronics especially in computers, laptops and wide screen T.V.’s do you know that sony made one of the best gaming consoles today that’s why its popular for its unique quality over quantity feature.










Alienware has never failed me. The quality of the Pc and the built quality is very advanced. Because Alienware is actually a gaming Pc it is very powerful. A lot of people say its over priced. How can they say that when Apple is number 1? I mean have you seen the specs? They aern’t worth 2000 dollars. I could get just as a good Pc, if even better for 600$. That is what I have to say about this. Overall I think Alienware is a very good brand when it comes to Pc’s.


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Toshiba has been very reliable and I trust the brand. The product qualities are amazing and they have a long battery life which has been a problem for me since I use laptops for a long time. The quality never goes down with that brand. Toshiba products all have a big space to save what you would like which comes in handy if you do most of your work on the computer. It is not over priced, yet it is a splendid brand that has, and never will fail to amaze me with its quality and performance. I personally think it is the best brand out here that you shouldn’t compare it to any other ones. When charging, it doesn’t take a lot of power and it is fast compared to other laptops. Even though I bought a version that isn’t very new, it has never broken down or shut down on its own. The perfect brand for you if you love great screens! Toshiba laptops has lots of gadgets that you can install. You will find that they are very useful! Its settings are simple and is not complicated for users, AND as a added bonus, their designs look modern, new, and quite neat. Of course, laptops are bound to break down sooner or later. Not this one! It’s wonderful and very delightful. There is one word to sum it all up! AWESOME! If you are out there trying to find a laptop or a computer for you, choose Toshiba. It will hold you in awe as soon as you touch the mouse. Simply the best brand I have ever used. Really recommended.









sumsung should be among the top five it is better than most of the I love sumsung product it fantastic.amsung is the best at anything they do even if they open restaurants and pet stores they will be the best.Best computing ever experienced with Samsung Computers…