Map Of Shenzhen’s Location In China

1This map shows that Shenzhen, a coastal city, is located in Southern China. Shenzhen is a bridge linking the Chinese mainland with Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Street Map


Our Shenzhen street map shows the street names and some hotels in the city. You can zoom in for a larger view.

Shenzhen’s District Map


Our Shenzhen district map shows six administrative districts in the city. You can click the map for a larger view.

Shenzhen Port Map


The Shenzhen port map shows the general location of Shenzhen’s eight ports, through which travelers can get to Hong Kong. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and Kowloon-Guangzhou Rail Station are also marked on the map.

Shenzhen Subway Map


Our Shenzhen subway map shows Shenzhen’s five subway lines in an easy-to-follow diagram, with color-coded lines and station names in both English and Chinese characters. See our Shenzhen Transportation page for more detailed information.

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Update by Angus on 28th, Jan, 2015