Sauna Health Club

Address:2005 in the south China sea avenue Neptune tower skirt building 4th floor (offshore department)

Telephone:0755-26646413 0755-26649222

Shenzhen moment Sir Sauna health will be located in the nanshan district oil avenue south Neptune tower skirt building,fourth floor fullthickness management project:fitness,table tennis,chess,fitness project:instrument exercise,aerobicequipment,fitness,body dance,kick,yoga,aerobics,Latin dance,streetdance,step aerobics


Mission hills

Address:Shenzhen bluohu istrict east huadu garden building,3002 south road2.2

It is a famous resort hotel in Shenzhen and it is not noly a hotel,but also for holiday,there are golf course,fitness center,spring valley and so on, you can have really good rest in this hotel.

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International Spa

Address Futian district,harbour city Minneapol is skirt building 16 building in the rural and fishery areas (near huanggang united port)


Shenzhen water cube international SPA is a with Bali”as the theme, by the world’s top designer designed large international SPA,sauna,SPA,SPA,the Chinese medicine health,massage,foot massage,guest room dining,theaters, chess,KTV,football,Internet bar,beauty salon,beautifying build is equal to one. Shenzhen water cube international spa will be the business area of more than forty thousand square meters,argescale,luxurious and elegant decoration,in southeast Asia is the largest of a huge sum of money to build the spa leisure flag ship store,located in Asia’s largest land port futian port of new gold business circle,east of luohu,nan shan west, traffic is very convenient.Would be so close water movement as the theme, the healthy opsonize as the goal,care regimen for profound connotation, to build a new environmentally friendly green water. The company USES the one stop consumption form,let all the guests of body and mind gets be relaxationed biggest,experience the spa, sauna, massage, fitness, catering and entertainment.Is the modern urbanite to eliminate fatigue, balance the mind and body,relieve pressure, raise the health care in the first place.

Shenzhen Luohu District Three 

Island Leisure Center

Address:3 centre of the island, 1076 luohu district build way

Phone:0755-82202555 Hair dressing business hours are Monday to Sunday 10:00 -24:00 shenzhen three island leisure clubs located in shenzhen luohu district build way 3 island, 1076 center, adjacent to the luohu port,full xindu hotel,neighboring friendship shop right and convenient transport facilities, the center is a collection of qin culture,leisure,health care, hotel accommodation,shopping,entertainment,is a body comprehensive commercial buildings.Three island leisure clubs located in the center building 5,6,7 building,operating area of 12000 square meters, heavily highgrade luxury decoration,has 300 luxury standard rooms, 1500 square meters large luxurious lounge,the holder of 800 senior professional technicians,club house facilities complete,have large men’s and women’s health spa, beauty, hairdressing Chinese and western restaurants, KTV rooms,table tennis room,chess and card room,game room, inside, football, Internet cafes,a book club,gym, movie theaters,children’s park,24 hours for ransportation service,24-hour broadcast around the world sportsevent.


Queen Spa & Dining

Address:luohu district spring breeze road gold have remit b1 fifth floor

Phone:0755-82253888 0755-82158865

Royal holidaygourmetSPA,sauna,massage,SPA,aromatherapy, beauty, hairdressing, food, and  dozens of leisure and entertainmen  facilities into an organic whole, can accommodate five thousand people at the same time consumption, men

and women have bean pools, dry and wet steam room, vortex pool, injection nozzle, flower is aspersed blunt body bath, river rafting, water slides, heated pool, pool of ice, heat sink, yongquan baths, Vicky sitz bath shower, bubbles, the waist massage pool, children’s play pool, etc. Royal holiday (Hong Kong) management consulting co., LTD. Is a company registered in Hong Kong, designed for largescale integrated spa club, spa resort, star hotel, luxury club early in project planning and evaluation, professional design, project planning, operation and management project management consultancy services. Has experienced management team and the internationalization level of the management pattern, in order to”win-win, collaborative development” business philosophy, Adhering to the “create international brand, theservice society, a club, spa management first” service tenet, output management, take various measures toprovide clients with professional, pragmatic management advisory services

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The carnival club

Address: luohu district financial center building, 5055 shennan road  opposite side of the shenzhen grandtheatre)

phone: 0755-82244666 0755-82244777

Carnival club is located in the shenzhen financial center building, crystal hotel north bridge, only five minutes from the railway station. Club house decorate artistic, brilliant light. Five floors, a total often thousand square meters of business hall to provide customers with sauna, fitness, diet,entertainment and so on the omnidirectional”onestop”work style, leisure and entertainment services. Its new management concept, with spectacular architectural designs, the opening, shocked the whole city! Whether relativesor friends to  get together, business negotiations, or sports fitness, leisure vacation, carnival, is your best choice. Football and rooms with cable world each big football games live. Provide food gallery features, western food, in southeast Asian food. Luxury KTV private rooms, VIP rooms provide top sound large screen color TV and broadband Internet access. Carnival sauna area with male and female guests indoor hot spring dry stearoom  wet steam room ice pool, hot tub, medicated bath, sweet fume, milk bath facilitie fully functional configuration, make you at ease of body and mind, a bath the world over. In, Thai massage room, comfortable and elegant, welltrained, Thai massage technician, TCM doctor help you relaxing tendons, eliminate fatigue. Food carnival dining area is equipped with karaoke chess, football bar, tea room deluxe room, etc. Exotic cuisine corridor to provide you with fine cantonese cuisine, Asian food, westernfood, Japanese food. Carnival entertainment district has a gym, table tennis, billiards, indoor golf, Internet cafes, cinemas, sunshine, children’s playground and other corresponding leisure entertainment facilities.

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The sauna center

Address: Pacific trade luohu district guests road building B1-4 layers

Telephone: 0755-82136868

Pacific yongsheng, sauna is shenzhen investment development co., LTD in shenzhen after successful entertainment supermarket founded golden era famous brand and a large pot of! Taiping concept is based on modernbath sauna center, health care, sauna, chess and card, beauty, food, bars and other multifunction integrated largescale integrated entertainment center. The center is located in the lo wu commercial and cultural center-Pacific trade building  busines  area of more than 8000 square meters,a total of three floors. Near the transportation is convenient and quick, a large number of shuttle bus, day and night only two minutes from luohu port. It founded on sauna industry made a new historical orientation, the sublimation of incisively and vividly to high position of club, many industry culture connotation in the perspective of the new connotation for deep excavation and to achieve a qualitative leap. Scene design originality, majestic to every corner of finely crafted, deduce the fullbodied amorous feelings is wonderfully, the overall design clear, elegant and showily .Pacific sauna invests more than three thousand, investment in industry, establish the whole scene leone yu suffering, absorbJapan, Korea and other countries of advanced management, realize the whole computer management, save a lot of red tape, convenient and quick. The Pacific sauna according to five star service from all walks of life to provide high level and comprehensive idea, fall in love making, based in shenzhen, to Hong Kong, Macao and noble people from ll walks of life, the entire layout facilities could be extremely, information. Each function is coherent integration and independence From the hard and soft environment show exalted majestic demeanor.

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Oriental spa club in Athens

Address: nanshan district east road of entrepreneurship (Neptune tower residence)

Telephone: 0755-26411111 0755-26411111-8601

Beauty is dream of exotic spa bath, let you city blatant earthly dust,the wash.Oriental Athens based on advocating healthy leisure business philosophy,to creat elegant,comfortable,warm personality spa space. Drinking beer in the spa spa club in shenzhen,you are in business travel fatigue golden leisure relaxed self. According to the fivestar standard decoration,a total of five layers, performance nearly 20 square meters, invest one hundre million yuan,the eastern and western culture quintessence,brew in the design style, fashion and elegant artistic breath. Hotel a total of 47 different types of rooms,spa club, and people from all walks of life,a size,a total of 836 male guest locker,326 female guests  more wardrobe,can accommodate thousands of guests consumption play, field facilities:large spa area,dry/wetsteam bath,Japanese bathing area,larg lounge,harmonica, Internet cafes,tea art,American billiards reading room,cinema,hair in the room,gymnasium,hairdressing room,western style In restaurant,multifunction VIP foot bath room, chess and card rooms,Chinese massage Thai massage,Korean massage G baconmale health, sleep, rest area,large parking lot. Oriental all staff to the service tenet of Athens,welcome the from all walks of life presence.

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International Health Club

Address: guangdong province shenzhen futian district 12 fuk road

Telephone: 0755-82662111 0755-83856666

Shenzhen water standing industrial co., LTD. Shenzhen nearly 20 years, has been in deep port consumers concentrated areas play the role of the service industry leader. Now the water industry has multiple entities and subsidiaries: water international health club hotel, water, and water are disco, Venice nightclub water seafood restaurant, etc. Water industry force perfect each entity is decorated, service seeks to place oneself among them the customer feel at home. 1 international health club: water, all at a cost of more  han billion, operating area of more than thirty thousand square meters, the floor can accommodate more than three thousand people consumption, luxuriant decoration fine vulture thin chisel fashion. Sauna, massage, the health care physical therapy, food, beauty slimming, SPA, chess and tea art KTV, bowling, guest room and so on is a body comprehensive large leisure club. Here, each guest can 360 – degree for a fully enjoy their leisure time 2,water hotel: there are more than business rooms, standard rooms and suites, rooms  facilitie Comfortable warmth, price good quality, is a good place for business meetings, travel vacation. 3, nightclubs  Venice water all night club, in a deep and Hong Kong for more than a decadethe influence of the brand club, has a good image and reputation  Has hundred deluxe rooms and two cabaret hall, medium room decorate gorgeously, firstclass audio equipment, colorful performances, with strong entertainment to watch. Large luxury bar counter and youth beautiful the bartender, form a kind of pleasant scenery. 4, water seafood restaurant, restaurant with longfeng hall and many rooms. With seafood, cantonese food is given priority to, to taste characteristics, famous throughout the country and local flavor dishes concurrently at the same time. Market open 247, flexible mode of operation, reasonable price, can accommodate thousands of people dining at the same time, is the best choice for you to undertake the banquet.

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Real Madrid Club

Address: futian district world trade plaza, the fifth floor

Telephone: 0755-83511991 0755-83676442

Real Madrid will be located in shenzhen world trade plaza downtown shenzhen. The business area of more than 8000 square meters, decorated luxury bright,spacious and comfortable environment elegant invested tens of millions, with fivestar positioning. This center is a large comprehensive service sauna leisure entertainment center, equipped with male and female guests sauna, traditional Chinese medicine health care massage, foot massage, hairdressing, setting up chess, Chinese food and western food, gym, KTV, luxury VIP rooms, coffee shop, football, Internet cafes and other supporting services. The center has a group of young outstanding management talent, has more than 600 senior professional technicians and star level the waiter, he will are the future of our center and the safeguard, center in line with serving the public,th beautiful life, care for the health for the purpose The center to realize fully computerized management, customer consumption only a IC members to be all the way, save a lot of red tape, convenient and quick. Each card are encrypted with strict, fully protect the interests of the guests. With membership card consumption, full service project 85 discount, (double clock to send any lobby project) based on the principle of everything for the customer, the staff enthusiasm dedicated service, still need your personal experience, as the expectations of customers.Real Madrid will all staff welcome you the presence!