Shenzhen has a wide range of restaurants(Coffee shop & Teahouse)to offer;As a gobal city,you can find lots of western restaurants in Shenzhen city,such as Italian food,French food and steak food etc.Below features a vairiety of the very best restaurants(Coffee shop & Teahouse) in Shenzhen.

Wang Steak

Address:Futian shennan middle road NO.1007 Hongling building.

Tel:0755-25866999 0755-25866333

Shop name:Wang Steak

Offer hours:11:30-14:00am  17:30-21:00pm

Category:You can enjoy family reunion, Business dinner, dinner with friends or all kinds of events.There is also for free packing, free wifi and so on.

Brief introduction:It is a famous chain brand. Only set meal is available here, below are the pictures for your reference.

What deserves more words here are the environment is really comfortable and quite, it is really a desirable and romantic place for people to enjoy food here.



Address:Futian district No.269 COCOPARK the third floor of the shopping mall

Tel:0755-25313998 0755-25313999

Another nameSuper Steak

Offer time:10:00-17:30)am(17:30-22:00)

Parking:provided by 228 users

Category tags:enjoy dinners with friends,business banquet, family reunion, open seat free wifi,free parking.

图片5   图片6


Address:Baoan district  Jianan Yi road NO.369


Offer time:11:00-01:00

Category tags:Enjoy dinners with friends, business banquet, family reunion, open seat dating couples

图片12 图片11图片10图片9

Prego Italian Restaurant

Address:Luohu district Nanhu road NO.3018 the third floor of the crown plaza suites


Another name:Prego Italian Restaurant

Offer time:Afternoon from 6:00 to 12:00

Parking:provided by 4 users

Category tags:Enjoy dinners with friends, business banquet, open seat,dating couples free wifi.

图片16 图片15 图片14 图片13

The Pent house

Address:Luohu district Shennan east road, NO.2017

Tel:0755-82288822 0755-82206149

Offer time:14:00-22:00

Category tags:Enjoy dinners with friends, business banquet, open seat,dating couples free wifi,free parking, dedicate dishes with red wine.

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E-Treez coffee

Address:Luohu district Eat sun department


Offer time:From 10:30am – 22:30pm

Category tags:free wifi,open seat

图片24 图片25

Dots Coffee(Luohu shop

Address:Luohu district  Shennan road NO.2023


Offer time: 09:00 – 24:00

图片26 图片28


Address:Luohu district Jianshe road 3018

Brief introduction:Like all the starbucks in the world you can feel the“American style freedom“ Waitress are nice and thoughtful as always. You can spent your spare time here, surfing on the internet, chatting with friends, enjoying the sunshine.

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