Yiwu to Shenzhen

Did you want to go from Yiwu to Shenzhen? Shenzhen, near Guangzhou, is famous for consumer electronics. Welcome to Shenzhen from Yiwu!

Freights from Yiwu to Shenzhen

There is  only one flight leaving from Yiwu Airport to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport directly. The other three fights from Yiwu to Shenzhen have to stop by intermediary airports.The direct flight is CZ3875. Its departure time is 09:50 and the arrival time is 11:50.

Trains from Yiwu to Shenzhen

#1 00:26–05:25, K179 (next morning), 28 hours and 59 minutes.

#2 14:55–06:08, T211 (next morning), 15 hours and 13 minutes.

#3 16:35–08:25, T101 (next morning), 15 hours and 50 minutes.

#4 22:31–12:57, Z115 (next morning), 14 hours and 26minutes.

* These are all air-conditioned comfortable trains. You can choose hard seats (119.5CNY/33.3USD), hard berth (359.5CNY/59.9 USD) and soft seats (549.5 CNY /91.6 USD).

Buses from Yuwu to Shenzhen:

There are up to 10 buses leave from different bus stations of Yiwu for Shenzhen each day. It can take up to 18, 19, or even more hours by bus. Price is around RMB400. Bus would be the third choice after plane and train.