Beijing to Shenzhen

Did you want go from Beijing to Shenzhen? Beijing i.e. Peking, is the capital of P.R.China. Shenzhen is famous for consumer electronics. Welcome to Shenzhen from Beijing!


Freights from Beijing to Shenzhen.

More than 30 flights leave from Beijing Airport to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport each day.

The first fight’ s departure is 06:35,the last fight’s departure is

21:30.Almost every half an hour one flight.

#1Departure 06:35, Arrive 09:50, ZH9967

#2Departure 07:00, Arrive 10:10, KN5851

#3Departure 07:15, Arrive 11:55, ZH9581

#4Departure 08:50, Arrive 00:05, HU7707

#5Departure 21:30, Arrive 00:50, ZH9970

Full price is 1520 RMB/economic. But the airport offer different discount fordifferen departure time. If the departure time is 07:20, you can usually have around 50% off.

If the departure time is 09:30, you can have around 10% off. But they will charge 50+30 RMB more for airport building and fuel tax.

Trains from Beijing to Shenzhen.

#1 07:45–17:53, G71, 10 hours and 8 minutes.

#2 10:00–18:35, G79, 8 hours and 35 minutes.

#3 19:55–17:51, Z107 (next afternoon), 21 hours and 56 minutes.

#4 20:15–07:11, D903(next morning), 10 hours and 56 minutes.

#4 23:20–04:40, K105(next next morning), 29 hours and 20 minutes.

* These are all air-conditioned comfortable trains. You’d better choose G71 or G79, because they are about three times quicker than the others. Although the ticketswill be higher, they can save your time.