Purchasing Services in Shenzhen – make your Shenzhen purchasing easier.

When You in Shenzhen China

Process 1. Collect the suppliers and arrange the meetings for you.

2. Guide you to visit the right markets, as you know there are many markets in Shenzhen.

3. We not only accompany you to the market and Translate for you, but also negotiate prices for you.

4. Wirte down the order details such as:Art. No., Descriptions, Quantity, Colour, Size, Package details,Gross Weight/Net Weight, Cube etc., at the same time take photos for all the goods you had placed an order.

5. Make order form for you to check and count total price,total amount, total Cube meter etc..

When You not in Shenzhen China

1. Product details:If you have any products need purchasing in China, please feel free to send us the products details or a sourcing request.

2. Match supplier: We’ll match supplier for you and then send the latest and related products information to you.

3. Confirmation: We’ll inspect the quality, quantity,packing details and so on.And then send you a inspect report to you to make sure the order is according to your requirement.

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