How to Send a Package Back Home from Shenzhen?
How to send a package/ box / carton back home from Shenzhen? I have bought three 3 luggage of phone accessories, it is about 95kg. How can I send them back home from Shenzhen?
This Is A True Story:
T is from Germany. She bought a 20kg package of phone accessories from Shenzhen market, and then realized she had to send this package back home by courier. Her hotel couldn’t help her then she left me a message on website.
“If I cannot find a cheaper way to send this package home, I may just give it to someone.”
Because the wholesale prices in Shenzhen market are so attractive that people just keep buying and forget the weight. In the end, they realize that the courier fees are more expensive than the goods themselves. And it’s too heavy for them to carry along.
“How can I send this back home at a cheaper price?”
1. Ask an import and export agent to help you send out if you have one or can find one. These agents use couriers frequently, so they always know how to send out your package at a cheaper price. In fact, many of them are cooperating with couriers like FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS and so on. They can have discount as low as 55% off sometimes.
2. Call the couriers like FedEx or DHL and let them come to your hotel to collect your package.
Here are the free hotlines:
FedEx: 800-988-1888 (fixed phone);  400-886-1888 (mobile phone)
DHL: 800-810-8000 (fixed phone);  400-810-8000(mobile phone & fixed phone)
*you’d better check out all the prices and discounts via phone no. above , their courier boys usually can’t speak any English.
3. Go to China Post office and send your package there. If you have a big parcel, want to send at a low price and not care much about time and security, then China Post would be a nice choice for you. You can go to their office and send out your package directly.
Of course,we will always be glad and happy to assist you to send your package back home from Shenzhen. We usually use FedEx, TNT, UPS, DHL and EMS as our partners. You can just leave me a message on the website then we’ll keep in touch.
Hope this article “how to send a package back home from Shenzhen” helps you send your package/ box / carton from Shenzhen more easier.