How to purchase in Shenzhen
There are more than 200,000 customers over the world coming to Shenzhen china. How to purchase in Shenzhen market?
Shenzhen market is the largest electronic products wholesale market in the world. Factories have their booths set up inside the market.
The shops here try their best to display as many products as possible and sell them. To export directly to oversea buyers is not something they’re happy to do, or able to do. So here comes the question: How to purchase in Shenzhen market?
In most cases, you have to employ a Shenzhen agent to assist you with all the sourcing activities. They can arrange your visit, accompany you to the market to browse, then collect orders, do inspection, and finally ship out your products.
Agents usually charge a commission from 1% – 5% of your total purchase value, according to what you buy and how much you buy.
*The advantages of employing agents:
Obviously, an agent can make things much easier for you. Sourcing in Shenzhen market without an agent is almost an “Impossible Mission”. You have no warehouse to collect your goods, no one do inspection, and no title to ship out your containers.
And agents can also help you get cheaper prices sometimes. Agents always have business relationship with suppliers. They buy a lot from suppliers and suppliers are also willing to offer a discount because agents help them sell.
*The disadvantages of employing agents :
This only occurs when you employ a “bad” agent. You may find almost every agent’s website promises MIRACLES. In fact, the reality is quite different. Most agents are inexperienced, incapable, have little connections with suppliers, have no warehouses, tell lies, make mistakes, create additional costs, waste time, and choose slow cheap container lines….
Come to Shenzhen for a visit if possible
Personally, I would recommend each buyer have a visit to Shenzhen to see products by themselves. This is crucial to their business success.
Firstly, buyers know their market much better than agents. They can select the right products at a right price. If they purchase goods with agents, there can be lots of mis-communications and time waste. And buyers can also discover new opportunities. Agents just don’t have the buyer’s eyes. I don’t think agents can show all the opportunities of this huge market by emails, phones talks and live chat.
Secondly, buyers can know the fact to some extent. They can access to information like price and new arrivals. They can explain exactly what they want and show the agents or factories how to do in the future. They can also make quicker decisions.
Thirdly, information online or you get from somewhere else usually turn to be junks. You spend lots of time and energy, but get no positive results in the end.
Above is just a quick overview of how to purchase in Shezhen market. Of course, you can set up your own buying office and even register your own business if your business already developed to a certain level.