If you are starting your sourcing business in china, then it becomes important to hire a sourcing agent and purchasing agent. If you are not familiar with the concept of sourcing agent, then I will explain what a sourcing agent is and what the requirement of sourcing agent for an offshore business in China is.

Suppose you are a business owner in USA and you are looking to outsource some manufacturing business to China, as the manufacturing cost is very low this.

So, this is an option to open a new office in china which can be a very expensive affair, otherwise, it is advisable to hire a sourcing agent. A buying or sourcing agent should be a native of China and knows local Chinese languages.

A real Chinese sourcing agent is one who has contacts in different kind of industries. It is very important to for a purchasing agent to have deep connections, so that they can provide best services to their clients.

Now sharing my personal experience, one of my friends based in UK was looking to outsource the manufacturing of his toys business. He searched for a sourcing agent in Shenzhen, China. This was a long list of sourcing agents and sourcing companies who were providing the services, but it was important to find one with ample amount of experience and a good contacts list.

From a huge list from internet, my friend shortlisted Jesse Hao as sourcing agent for his business in China. Jesse Hao has a huge list of cliental and his testimonials were very impressive. He has good knowledge of local languages and vast experience with different industries. My Friend decided to hire Aileen as Chinese translator and interpreter as well.

The major duty assigned to his was to keep an eye over the quality of the manufacturing products. So he used to visit the manufacturing units regularly.

After analyzing his excellent performance for 4 weeks, we decided to assign his the duty of buying and purchasing agent in Shenzhen. The most important quality which a buying agent should have is the honesty and reliability for the employer. Aileen always gave the best possible opinion and helped us in contacting best manufacturer. He did all the bargaining and never took any commission from the third party. He gave regular reporting and gave us a very effective business plan.

We consider ourselves lucky to find such an efficient sourcing agent in Shenzhen. If you are also looking for a business representative in china, then contact Jesse Hao.