My name is Alex from USA. We are running five antique shops.

I used to purchase over the world, especially China for it is a country has five thousand years’ civilization. And I have been China for couple of years. One of my Chinese friends told me I should talk a journey to Yiwu Market. I have heard the International Commodity Trade City before.

At last, I decided to go to Yiwu. I am not familiar with Yiwu Market and the city. So my friend suggested me to find an agent in yiwu.

Then I got the agent from the Internet. The agent company let two guides go with me when I went shopping. I told the translator what I need. They can take me to those shops. They are very familiar with the market.

With their guide, I have found the amazing market on the fourth floor in district one. The shop owners displays all kinds of antique, decoration articles, oil paintings vases and so on in their showrooms.

More importantly, the price is lower than other places I had been to because most of them are direct sales from factory.

After I came back to my country, the agent handled everything for me including placing the order and delivery. The business became easier with the service of the agent.

What’s more, when I want more, it is unnecessary for me to go back to Yiwu market. The agent can handle everything in China for me. They place the order and deliver the goods to USA.

I got more profits since the cost is lower. And it is unnecessary for me to pay for the expensive plane tickets. I can save more money.

My business is becoming better and better. I am thinking about openning another shop.

May be next time I need 2 x 40ft containers instead of 1 x 20ft container.